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CAT# Products CAS No.
B1-01-01  Gly-His-Lys  72957-37-0 
B1-01-02  Ala-His-Lys (AHK)  126828-32-8 
B1-01-03  (GHK)2Cu  49557-75-7 
B1-01-04  ͭ(AHK) 2Cu  no 
B1-01-05  AHKCu  no 
B1-01-06  ֬Pal-VGVAPG  no 
B1-01-07  Pal-KT  no 
B1-01-08  Pal-KVK (Palmitoyl KVK PalmitoylTripeptide-1)  no 
B1-01-09  SYN-AKE  823202-99-9 
B1-01-10  Bio-Tripeptide-1   
B1-01-11  Pentapeptide-3  364963-01-5 
B1-01-12  Argireline  616204-22-9 
B1-01-13  Acetyl Glutamyl Octapeptide-3  868844-74-0 
B1-01-14  Copper Peptide (GHKCu)  89030-95-5 
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